Sep 7, 2011

A Departure, A New Beginning

Dear Gentle Readers,

Life happens. When it gets a little out of control, one has to set priorities.

This is my final Flyers.Femme post on Blogger.

The lack of care I've dedicated to this space has pretty much killed it. (Does it count that it came as a result of really good intentions?) Also, I've threatened a move away from Blogger for a long time.

So, much like a few hockey clubs out there, this blog is dead. But, it's death does not signify the end of my evil hockey blogging ways; it's simply a "Ciao!"

Catched my skewed view of the hockey universe over at Femme Loves Hockey.

I'm re-dedicating myself to blogging about the [insert a ton of sarcasm here] coolest sport on earth, alongside with several of the HLOG women. I'm starting over with the former, and we're resurrecting the latter.

So for snarky game reviews, rants against pink in hockey, season round-up sound tracks, and much more, jump on over and hang out whenever you have a chance...because this Femme Loves Hockey!

Waiting for hockey season,