Aug 20, 2007

What's a Flyer fangirl?

Fangirl (n.): Female hockey fan who knows the rules, the plays, and more about the players than "OMG, he's so hot." Not a puck bunny. Not an ice girl. A real fan that happens to have x-x chromosomes.

I am a Flyer fangirl. I've been a hockey fan for more than 15 years. (Thanks, Eli.) I go to the games, I watch the plays, I drink the beer, I yell when the boys suck, and I cheer when they score. I question the bonehead moves, and I verbally replay the genius ones.

I believe in orange and black. Through abysmal and winning seasons, the stupid trades and the good ones, and favorite player retirements, I am there. I don't complain about nose-bleed seats, and I treasure the ones right behind the bench when I land them.

I look forward to sharing my take on the Flyers and NHL hockey with you here, from the female fan perspective.

P.S.: I have a soft-spot for goalies.
(1) My brother was one, and he got me hooked on the game.
(2) Those guys are crazy! Really. When they mess up, there's no missing it. And just in case you do, these guys get the world's biggest "you ****ed up" signs...horns and lights.
(3) Can you say "Hextall"? Man, I miss him! He was so much fun. No hesitation to mix it up with anyone. *sigh*

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