Oct 24, 2007

10/24 Flyers v. Panthers

[Author's note: I passionately dislike listening to hockey on the radio. It turns me into a nervous Nellie. I need visuals, gosh darnit!]

First Period

Crap! (Grr. Jokinen. I passionately dislike her.) So, here's my prediction:

1st: We'll do our usually crappy play.
2nd: We'll love it a lot and get on the board.
3rd: Anybody's guess...including the boys'.

no, No, NO, NOOOOO! No more stupid penalties. Let them get the penalties...jeez.

Okay, Fricks and Fracks, get the puck in their end. Keep it there. Crash the net. Shoot. Get on the board.

Intermission: Marty, I hope you're reaming a few new ones. Coach, *sigh*. Waiting for a Gagne update.

Second Period

Please kill the penalty. Gagne out with dizziness. (I'm sensing an unhealthy trend there.) Thank you for the PK.

Ugh! More penalty killing. I want at least one goal as repayment for that, Eager. (Anybody can score it. I'm not too particular.)

Yes, a power play! Waiting...Joffrey Lupul, you really are a Flyer. Last year with Edmonton, you played like one of us. Now you're here, and you play like one of us. Thank you!

Another one...another one...I'm greedy and I want another one. Carter scores! Woo-hoo! I knew you'd be back on the board shortly.

Argh. Okay, deep breaths. Marty, shake it off.

Intermission: I really enjoy that we have a trend of scoring in the second, as it's a "make-up" for giving me less than nothing during the first. I also thoroughly enjoy our trend of scoring back-to-back goals in the second. But I really want to see this carry over to other periods during the game.

Third Period

Campbell, right.

Sitting tight. Nothing to write...

Kukkie! Yipee, your first goal. Okay guys. Lock it down. Frustrate them. Don't draw penalties. Shoot a lot.

Game over: Lasse gets his first goal. Joffrey converted on a power play. Jeff is back to putting the puck in the net. Gagne is out with dizziness after Bouwmeester's shoulder meets his head.

Final score: Panthers 4, Flyers 3. Not my preferred result, but I can live with it. ('Cause, really, I am not Marty McFly in Back to the Future so I can't go back in time and change it.)


kristin said...

I think that we better fly down to TB tomorrow. The boys obviously need our steadying influence for as many games as possible.

This game was pretty terrible...you got lucky not seeing what happened. I know that's easy for me to say since I have comcast and center ice, but trust me on this one! ;)

Although, come to think of it, you would have liked to see the frustration and disgust on Sami's face.

Nadine said...

And you can bet he had a few somethings to say in the dressing room afterwards.

(Of course I saw the interview! Duh!)