Oct 1, 2007

...and the "C" goes to...

Dear Jason,

Congratulations on becoming our 16th captain. With the over-hauled team and your previous experience in the oilers captaincy, I'm looking forward to seeing you lead the lost boys this year.

I do have one significant request as a direct result of the Sept. 26 game against the Caps I attended: Please don't stay at home quite so much.

I realize that's your preferred style for playing defense, but I'm not feeling it so much for the Flyers. This is particularly true when the other guys:

(a) Don't follow the puck to the end where we score our goals, and

(b) Are standing around waiting for scoring opportunities to happen to them rather than creating them.

Again, congratulations, and I'll see you and the boys on October 13 and 18.

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