Oct 7, 2007

Barometer: How's it feel?

So here's the thing, I'm quite happy with the Flyers' first two games. One win. One loss. These are the pros and cons I see so far:

Good News

  • Team Chemistry. Some fans were really worried about this. I wasn't. (Yes, that's me saying "I told you so.") So many of the "new" guys either played together before coming to us, played together at earlier levels, or are friends, that team chemistry would be one of the least iffy areas.
  • Lines. These are coming together pretty well. Small tweaks need to be made for each individual player for his current line or whichever one he ends up on.
  • Holy goaltending, Batman! Martin Biron. all I can say is "Thank you." Keep calm. So far, the ride is totally b****ing! (Niitty, I'm sure you've shaken off last season. Good luck to you this season.)

Bad News

  • Team Chemistry. The guys are on a team building trip to Whistler, BC before next Wednesday's Canucks game. They can be really good times to cement lines and cameraderie. So guys, I'm begging you, get through this without anyone making an "I thought I was just being funny, how was I supposed to know that so-and-so's wife/girlfriend/mother/kid was_____________" crack.
  • Defense. It already looks different from that pre-season game I attended. I'm happy to see more hustle in your "real" games. Keep it up. (Hatcher, I had some doubts...I'm honest if nothing else...but they fade away a little more each time I see you get to the puck quicker.)
  • Those annoying, small things that can add up to really big ones. House-keeping, boys, house-keeping. The not-thinking mistakes have got to go.
  • Continuing contrast to last season. Just side-step all those comparison questions by the media. Have them contrast it against earlier games in this one. Let that sleeping dog lie in peace.

By the way, I'm blaming last night's loss on the Oilers' tribute to Jason. Nothing against them (they're great people), it was a nice gesture (and therefore expected, because they're nice people), but it delayed getting you onto the ice (which I think was just strategy). : p

So have fun in Whistler. Play well against the Canucks. Kristin and I can't wait to see you next Saturday.

P.S. re: He who shall not be named - The suspension started this week with him on the NHL roster, not the AHL one.


Kirsten said...

It definitely was a nice tribute. Gator will be/already is missed in Edmonton. I'm bummed that I didn't get to watch the game.

Nadine said...

i wouldn't expect anything else from the oilers organization or the people there.

i'm sure they miss him, and we know how lucky we are to have him with us.

Kirsten said...

The one good thing I have to say for Gator playing for the Flyers...he doesn't play in my division anymore. No more shots of him sticking his arm out and and knocking people on their asses saying "I don't think so". I'm sure every member of the Wild's defence has just breathed a sigh of relief.