Dec 31, 2007

Auld Lang Syne edition

So, being as my families' ancestry is German and German-speaking Swiss, we don't sing this song on New Year's Eve. Generally, we're having too much fun with our dark beer, pork and kraut to worry about some tune by "die englischen" (which was really written by a Scot, hence the name in Gaelic).

One of the many talents I have is an interest in linguistics. I'm bilingual, can understand several other languages, and started learning a few more besides. Unfortunately, only one of them is spoken in the NHL.

So, with the help of Babel Fish, here's a special New Year greeting for the guys on the Flyers (and some of the other yahoos I like).

Happy New Year


uutta vuotta

С Новым годом
Stastlivy novy rok

Ein glückliches neues Jahr

P.S.: Thanks guys for the recent streak. It sort of makes up for that other, not-so-nice one.

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Shmee said...

Happy New Year!