Apr 22, 2008

Away Game Checklist

Proof: #1, 2 & 3
  1. Black, 3/4-length sleeve sweater. Check.
  2. Orange camisole. Check.
  3. Lucky, dangling earrings (see profile pic). Check.
  4. Read all HLOG posts prior to lunch. Check.
  5. Read all stories on Flyers web site. Check.
  6. "Please, Dear God" Flyers litany. Check.


My work here is done. All away game-day superstitions have been reviewed and completed.

I've upheld my part of the bargain as a fan.
Time to uphold yours as the team.



HabsFan29 said...

i'm so torn. i want all our HLOG friends - you, Shmee and CapsChick - to advance. I guess i'm rooting for, uh, a tie?

ooh Ovie just tied it. it's a hell of a game at least.

Nadine said...

HF29: I'm looking at it this way...if the Flyers win, I'm ecstatic. If the Caps win, I don't feel bad either 'cause they don't bother me as much as some others *cough, Rangers, cough*.

Ovie may have tied it, but Sami scored one! Yeeeeaaaahh!