Apr 11, 2008

Celeb Hockey Bloggers Return

Nhl.com has resurrected the celebrity blogs just in time for the play-offs. Obviously, there was no Flyers coverage last season. (Shocking, I know!)

A few of the Tinseltown celebs blogging for the Western Conference includes the always-esteemed:
  • Willa Ford (that's Mrs. Mike Modano to you and two guesses which team she'll be watching),
  • Lauren Conrad (Not-So-Mighty Ducks),
  • Thorsten Kaye from All My Children (Red Wings), and
  • brothers Geoff (Red Wings) and George (Avs) Stults of Seventh Heaven fame...so, do the brawls spill over to the Stults family home, too?

The Eastern Conference celeb bloggers are a little more, um, fun and real.
  • Kevin Smith, who, while I *heart* his movies, is a Devils fan. (How wrong is that?)
  • Eddie Cahill, aka Jim Craig in Miracle, will follow the Rangers. (Completely predictable, CSI: NY!)
  • Thomas Cavanaugh covers the Canadiens (but plays a Leaf in Breakfast with Scot).
  • Adam Beach, who I completely *heart* since Smoke Signals, will blog about the Sens.

And Philly? Queue "Another One Bites the Dust."

Local weatherman Dave Roberts' son, David Boreanaz, dumps the BuffaSlugs since the Flyers overcame Last Season to move into the sixth seed in the final games of the season.

The only thing that would be better: Finding out James Marsters is a Flyers fan, too! (But I'm not holding my breath on that one.)

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