Jun 26, 2008

10,000 Times "No"

With just a few days remaining before July 1, I say "no" to:
  • Ray Emery
  • Sean Avery


Justin said...

If I could get Emery on the cheap, I might consider it. Dany Sabourin scares the hell out of me as backup. Of course, with a salary cap, if you can afford a good backup, you probably don't have the skaters you should have.

It's also interesting to watch what's going on with free agency so far with the Pens. Looks about 100% that we'll lose Hossa, which isn't a surprise, but Malone and Orpik have both declined the offers they received.

And I'll hate myself for saying this, but if they can't get Ruutu back, Avery would be more than sufficient to fill that hole. I'd still hate him, though.

Nadine said...

Justin: Dude, I hear ya.

IMO, Emery is the kind of bad karma no team needs...even if he comes cheap. I'd need to see at least one problem-free season before considering relenting.

Re: Avery...sorry, but, UGH! I'm sure he can be a very nice person in-person. I just haven't seen that side of him and I don't foresee the chance to do so any time soon.