Jul 1, 2008

In Homer I Trust

But, dude, whatcha doing? What's with the draft pick stock-pile?

And in Other Musings

Dear God,

What good are June, July and August, really?

  • They're just hot and humid.
  • They provide a constant possible trigger for my asthma when I'm jogging.
  • I have to jog! I can't run in that muck.
  • They zap my appetite.
  • They account for approximately 5/8 of my electric bill for the year.

Worst of all, the boys are on vacation because hockey isn't happening.

Going stir-crazy in Philly,

Nadine of Flyers.Femme


Justin said...

Ossi Vaananen = Finnish. Another possibility for you.

Also, yesterday was kind of frustrating. Our big signing? Eric freakin' Godard, unless you count the Dupuis re-signing. I guess that means Laraque isn't coming back.

Nadine said...

Dude, we signed Metropolit...a freakin' Broon (excuse me, Bruin).

And we traded away a Finn, then gained another one. *Shakes head to try to find clarity.*

Just think, we're already halfway through the 2008-09 season soap opera, "As the Puck Turns."

1st Episode: Draft day
2nd Episode: Free agency signings
3rd Episode: Trade deadline

Justin said...

Okay, Malkin's extended, which isn't so much news as it was expected, and Orpik's back, which is one big thing I was hoping for, like I said in the recap.

Now to see if Shero's paying attention to the other players on the market...