Jul 31, 2008

Note to Flyers Communications & Advertising

2008-09 Slogan Yet?

'Cause "Vengeance" never really worked for me last season. Additionally, it no longer seems appropriate after reaching the FPoW Conference Final last season, y'know?

Please get something new! Before training camp starts, 'kay?

Flyers.Femme Tour

Dear HLOG gentle readers in the NYC to DC corridor,

I received a promotion at the beginning of this year. (YEAH!) It provided me with a slightly larger income. (NICE!) It also gave me eight - yep, 8 - additional vacation days. (SWEEEEET!)

Unfortunately (?), I have 12 vacation days, a floating holiday, and two emergency days to use up between now and the end of the year.

I believe in using vacation days, not cashing them out. I've already planned activities that will use the floating holiday, emergency days and 5-6 vacation days.

Any chance you can help me waste the remaining 6-7 with a mini meet-up and game in your city? Just a thought, since it'd be cool to meet some more of you!


Justin said...

I hate trying to figure out how to use vacation days, because we can't cash them in. We use them or they're gone. I also wish I had more of them. Ironic, I know.

You should go watch some Devils games. You might have a whole section to yourself!

I kid, I kid...kinda.

kristin said...

Nadine, I am under the impression that next year's slogan is "hungry for more."

I can hear the fat Philadelphian jokes already!

Nadine said...

J: I'll figure it out. I just don't want to have so many that I have to cash them out. (I forget what the threshold is for hold-overs from one year to the next. But then I'd have a bigger problem next year!)

K: I knew they'd use something that, ultimately, would revert to food! (Okay, now I'm kidding.) Whatever it is, get it posted already on flyers.nhl.com.