Jul 6, 2008

Off-topic: Yeah, Rafa!

As established by a previous post, I am an unashamed Rafael Nadal fan. So, you can look at his win today in the Wimbledon Men's Final two ways:

1. It's about time!
2. It keeps Roger Federer more interesting (read: human) when he doesn't win.

Thanks, guys, for a great match.

Yeah, Rafa! Woo-hoo!

P.S.: John McEnroe, you slay me!


kristin said...

what a match! I was listening in my car on the way to work, and was almost late because I wanted to hear the end!

I missed the end, and have not seen the highlights. grr!

Nadine said...

Whether you're a Nadal or Federer fan, you'll love the match itself. (The ending, though, is good if you like Rafa...not so much if you're in Roger's camp.)

The most entertaining part is actually the post-game activity.

K-Mart said...

I love John McEnroe... it's a guilty pleasure. What can I say, he's entertaining (and I have a soft spot for lefties), even if he is kinda dense.

I picked up Top Spin 3 for the Xbox 360 today... I was very disappointed to find out that Rafa was a PS3 only character. >_<