Dec 2, 2008

Um, I Don't Get It...

What Really Is Suspension-Worthy in the NHL?

Dude, after this, I've got no clue. Honestly.

I'm trying to find where Sean Avery dissing an ex and the newer flame is covered in the rule book or other agreements.

Or is that exes and new/old flames? It's not like he specifically mentioned Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf, nor Mike Komisarek, Rachel Hunter, and Jarrett Stoll. And continuing with the devil's advocate train of thought, couldn't there be other, non-starlet examples, too? Quite possibly.

Look, I've busted a few times on Sean Avery. He's so much fun to not like, he provides really awesome fodder to spur that dislike, and he seems to positively revel in it. Avery is the current, undisputed Instigator Douche Trash-Talker Extraordinaire of the NHL.

Personally, I find this incident just a little funny because it's not like the same thought hasn't occurred to and been voiced by a few hockey fans already.

So would Bettman have hockey fans believe that the use of this one, not-as-vulgar-as-everyone-insists-it-is slang phrase is more deserving of a suspension than Avery's previous, more serious ones? Are we to believe that no league- or team-level management staff has never used "sloppy seconds" or more heinous terminology to refer to an ex in the past?

Besides, it sounds like the Stars organization was prepared to level some hefty punishment on Avery all by itself. Let them reign him in since they're paying his contract and have to deal with that limited no-trade clause.

I think the real issues are this:
  • Sean Avery has punched enough buttons verbally this year that this comment - crude and classless as it was - just pushed everyone over the tipping point.
  • Sean Avery is freakin' Sean Avery.

But that's not the tone of the explanation the league is giving. We'll wait and see what they say with the final decision.

Cat, I'm really tempted to request a "Free Avery" T-shirt if it becomes available and costs less than $10. I can totally PayPal you.

And in Other, Flyers-centric News

We beat the Lightning! Blondie, you are a hot b****. Richie, dear captain, you're a beast.



K-Mart said...

I can't stand Avery. His antics are entertaining from time to time, but he just doesn't respect the league or the game and I have a problem with that. I wish that he would just retire and start his career w/ Vogue.

Nadine said...

@K-Mart: Dude, I feel the same way!

Normally, I wouldn't waste a moment contemplating him. I just felt that if this was the worst phrase he could pull out to "insult" Phaneuf, it wasn't - in and of itself - as bad as he could have done.

Drop the "c" word, and it'd be a whole different story from me. But sloppy seconds? *Rolls eyes* Pfft, whatever. loser.