Jan 16, 2009


Can anyone legitimately explain why we can't beat the Lightning, at least in a regular, 60-minute, three-period game? No? Me neither.

So I'm throwing out a big "hellz yeah" echo on Dear Captain's "ball you out in the media" game summary from last night:

"We really just got outworked the last two games," said captain Mike Richards. "It's kind of embarrassing how much they outworked us. It's unacceptable for a team that we have. It starts with the work ethic."

*Crickets chirping*

Um, yeah. That clears things up a whole bunch.

God help the NHL if everything were to start clicking with the Flyers. I'm not saying they could tie the whole thing up in a nice, neat, Detroit Redwings-type package, but the standings and season could become just a little more interesting. At least then all the other teams' fans would have a real reason to dislike the team and the fans.

So, enough with the on-ice vacations, guys. 'Cause I'm starting to develop that shell-shocked look Penélope Cruz wears in the Jeep in Sahara when they're fleeing the scene where her team is massacred by Kazim's soldiers...and that's not hot or cute.

Scared to read anything related to tonight's game while it's in progress,


Jay Ballz said...

Nadine! Nice site.

If you ever do a blogroll (linking to other people's blogs) let me know. We could swap links on eachother's pages.

Go, Fly Guys!


Nadine said...

@Jay: Will consider adding a section for other Philly sports. Thanks for your positive comment!