Mar 24, 2009

Wins All-Around

Just a couple of reflections:
  • Why is the orange not showing on my blog when I access it lately? Argh.
  • Co-worker Justin made a bet with co-worker Brandon re: the number of goals Blondie would have for the remainder of the season. Justin lost.
  • I harbor no love for the Pens. It's true. But I loved that last game as much as their fans loved the last one in the Wachovia Center.
  • Jersey Marty...WTH? Dude looked like his skates froze in the goal snow at one point last night.
  • How sucky is it that they broke out the black home jerseys for last night's game? When I was not there. I was just bemoaning that at the Rangers game.
Tiny!Briere: I complain about you. I still feel the organization overpaid for you, particularly considering the amount of injury time. But just like you redeemed yourself last season with the shootout goal in Buffalo at -24, last night's goal was so pretty. Way to skulk around Jersey Marty.

Scott Hartnell: From one curly-haired citizen to another, you freakin' rock! Thanks for stopping the dribbling puck. In my opinion, that's the best play of the season, so far.

Enjoying hockey so much more,

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