Apr 4, 2009

4/03: Flyers v. Leafs

Yes, I attended last night's game. It was a last-minute decision on my part. Right now, I'm hoarse and putting together a write-up for any Gentle Readers I might still have. Check back later today.

However, to the row of Leafs fans in section 221 last night: It was nice to have you there last night. Thanks for keeping a good attitude. Way to pitch in on the yelling. Come back any time.

Okay, I'm back a day later than I expected. Sue me.

This is going to be a brief run down of impressions from the game since I no longer take notes at the games.

Thanks, Flyers, for winning another one while I was in attendance. It's a rare sight for me this season, but I truly appreciated.

After an 8-5 final score, once again, I want all talk of increased goal size or smaller goalie equipment banished. Some nights you're going to have a low-scoring game and sometimes you won't. Deal with it, NHL.

How interesting was that first period? I couldn't believe it when I saw tape-to-tape passing. Even I was a little overwhelmed with that 5-0 score at the end of the first. But, as co-workers Brandon and Justin could tell you, I wasn't ready to chirp at the Leafs fans about it because we've blown leads before.

No disrespect meant to the former Darth Gerber, but he looked a little like Swiss cheese on Friday. Somewhat fitting, considering he is Swiss. Personally, I think he's suffering without the flat black helmet.

Jeff Carter's hat trick was awesome. I can't tell you how nice it was to be there for that milestone, especially considering who was in attendance and knowing the smack he talks about Blondie. Peaked my @$$.

In summary, I'm bummed that I can't get 'ritas at the games any more, but glad I attended another game this season and it was a win.

Limiting my online time to enjoy the weekend,


Soph said...

Jess and I were at the game too. We really enjoyed the row of Leafs fans even though we were a few sections over.

Nadine said...

Okay, now I'm bummed again. I wish I'd advertised my attendance earlier so we could have tried to meet up!

Kerri said...

Are you totally ready for this end of the season home and home? The Rangers NEED two points in a desparate kind of way...

I'm quite excited for this, actually.