Jun 2, 2009


I am still alive.

First, if you used to be in the blogroll or links, send me an email to ensure you're put back there. (Blogger PMSed about my template and I'm still contemplating a permanent move to WordPress because of it.)

So, real life has been changing a bit lately.
  • Personal life: more interesting of late, though not willing to share deets. This is a hockey blog, not a girlie-relationships one.
  • Professional life: so not going there. Although, my co-workers who are friends had me a belated birthday bash this past Friday that was great...
  • Home life: probably having to move due to renovations jacking the rent. Argh!
All that said, I have not forgotten that hockey is my boyfriend...a demanding, if somewhat unsatisfying one.

Being the honest person I am, I have to say I couldn't blog about the end of the Flyers season. (Read: That was the unsatisfying part.) I wanted the guys to do well but it wasn't meant to be.

Here's the demanding part for me: splitting my attention between the post-season games and various chats at work with the guys about how the Flyers are going to handle the cap sitch and the goalie sitch and the every- and anything else sitch.

So, if you're a Flyers fan, what would you do to get the team ready for a run next season?
  • Who do we keep?
  • Who do we let go?
  • Who do we get?
  • What will replace the Phantoms?

Go wild, dream big, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Oh, and go Red Wings. Dudes, you're the overdogs of the NHL but I enjoy the misery of the Pens fans at work too much to be against you. And the people of Michigan could use a pick-me-up right about now.

Returning to my greater Cleveland roots for the rest of the season,


K-Mart said...

Looks like we're getting Emery (puke). Horrible move imo.

As far as who we're losing. I'm thinking that Knuble probably won't be re-signed and then we should dump Lupul off on someone... I like him a lot, but he's not producing at his pay grade. Either that or we have to get rid of Briere who is probably the most expensive 3rd line center in the league.

I think we have to free up the cash and go hard for Jay Bouwmeester. We NEED defense. The offense is fine, but we are shaky on the blue line (someone please put Randy Jones out of his misery. The guy is not fit for the NHL). I also think if we let Knuble go and dump Lupul, then we have to get Van Riemsdyke (I'm sure I butchered that name) up rather than signing someone to take his place.

Ideally, I'd like our lines to look something like this next year:

Richards/Gagne/Van Riemsdyke
Carter/Lupul (or if we trade him, whoever replaces him)/Asham


I'd be happy with a team like this.

Nadine said...

@K-Mart: Man, you're reading my mind! I have to prompt my co-workers BR, MS, and any other brave souls to put up their thoughts.

Off-topic: How disappointing was the French this year? No Rafa in the final at Roland Garros...there's just something so wrong with that.

Now, back to my medicine and bed rest.

K-Mart said...

Yea. I'm pulling for Del Potro now that Rafa's gone. I knew Nadal had to lose at some point... I was just hoping it'd be after Federer retired. He's become more of an all-court player now, and I think that's why he's struggled on clay this year. It was encouraging to see Andy Roddick make it to the fourth round though.