Oct 27, 2009

Disaffected and Disenchanted

That's about how I'd characterize the Flyers fan feelings toward Coach Stevens lately.

Some days, I'm fine with Johnny standing behind the bench. Other days, not so much. But I've yet to call for his head on a pike.

Folks, this post is going to ramble something fierce. I'm processing as I write, while the game is tied-up at 2 all, which is a very dangerous thing to do when you have a sports blog. Here goes.

And I'm writing this to the big guy in a suit and glasses...

Dear Coach,
You haven't publicly balled out a player for a sucky performance since December 2007.

I get that you don't want anyone to accuse you of being emo. I even respect that. But there's a time and place to just let one decompression session roll. And I think now's as good a time as any; it might accomplish some good.

Lately, everything bad is just festering. The team-building may have had the after-school special bonding element needed for plane, train, etc. trips to be less heinous than they otherwise would be. I don't think it's helped in relationship to the on-ice performance.

On paper, just like in past seasons, there's no good reason for the team to be doing what it does...namely losing and taking mental vacations. There are 60 minutes in a hockey game, and all that other trite-but-true shite.

I think the jumping off point for your speech needs to be something like, "This crap cannot continue." Fill in with whatever ammo you (or Berube) can provide thereafter. Just remind the guys that we don't like losers in Philly...especially when they're slacker-losers in our uniforms.

Hope you have a totally b*tch*n' night!

Post-Game Edit

I take it back. Something has to change.

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