Feb 8, 2010

Hiatus: What the Heck Does That Mean?

Dear GRs,

Well, the simple answer is: it depends what you're talking about.
  • TV shows: Either its the seasonal break or your beloved show is about to be axed.
  • Hockey: It's the Olympics or All-Star Game
  • Me: The job is challenging or some goal is sucking up time and financial resources.
As far as hockey is concerned, we're speeding towards the Olympics. Personally, I don't think the pros should be playing there, but you're allowed to develop your own opinion on these matters.

As far as my life as a fan who blogs is concerned, the situation is about 25/75. I fortunately have a job that is ever-evolving, creative, and brings new opportunities. It can be mentally fatiguing when I have an e-learning design issue to work through, but I can't say it's dull.

The big time-suck for my blogging schedule though is that my funds are being temporarily diverted to another, higher purpose. Like many other people of my generation in this country, I paid for school with loans. I was lucky because I only used them to pay for 1/4 of my tuition; the rest were covered by scholarships and grants. However, tens years into this fiscal journey, I realized something when I looked at the principal balance in December.

If I suck it up and tighten down just a little more on how much I spend, I can double my monthly payment. That would allow me to finish paying the loans off in two years, and I'd be completely debt-free.

So, while it means that I'm temporarily putting off the pleasure of attending live games and forgoing the lovely benefits of Comcast cable in my apartment, I can live with the trade off. Ultimately, it means I'll have more money for my hockey obsession.

And a kick-butt TV, because that is the reward I've set for myself.

Bear with me while my posting is infrequent. I'm concentrating what time I can to this blog, as well as my other one.


K-Mart said...

Fiscal responsibility is nothing to apologize about. Hopefully you'll meet your goal! Sony Bravia's are good TVs to look at, that's what my dad just got.

Nadine said...

@K-Mart: I'm looking at LED TVs. I figure with a little less than 2 years on this goal, I've got time to do some serious comparison shopping.

K-Mart said...

mmm LEDs. Those are awesome.

Nadine said...

Yep! Plus, some are thinner than my current flat screen. And way more energy efficient.