Feb 22, 2010


Gentle Readers,

So, how 'bout that Canada game, eh?

Talking to Eli tonight, apparently the family watched it together at Mom and Dad's. Wish I could have been there, because when my mom watches hockey, it's fun.

The parsonage, where the Monn family lives. In the living room. Big screen TV on MSNBC. Canda v. U.S.A. hockey game playing. Canada's net is empty.

Mom (shouting at the TV):
"Oh my gosh! Why aren't they clearing the zone?! They have to clear the zone! Clear the zone!!"

See, my mom is still a hockey mom. Eli may not be playing anymore, but she'll lend that spirit to anyone she sees playing. Yesterday, she lent it to Team U.S.A.

I'd like to think she helped will that empty-netter into existence.

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