Aug 26, 2007

Pink?!? Why?

I passionately dislike pink...and it pains me to put even that much of it on here. I have never liked it. I don't look good in it. In fact, it gives me a headache and severely tests my gag reflex.

I briefly addressed my wish to never see the pink and white jerseys in an earlier post. Imagine my horror when I tuned into HLOG* this week and read this one.

As you can see, serious female hockey fans representing teams across the league are united on the matter. We don't like pink, largely because it will group us with the puck bunnies from whom we must constantly distinguish ourselves.

My work in communications, public relations and marketing leads me to the following questions:

(1) Why are sports merchandisers buying in to the pink hype?
(2) Did the NHL merchandisers do any market testing before releasing the pink wave on us?
(3) If so, who formed the test group: five year olds, rink bunnies and Comrie's girlfriend?
(4) Do the merchandising reps for the NHL or the teams have female staff?
(5) If so, are they listening to fangirls like me?

I think i'll change my dream job. I believe my calling in life now is to land a merchandising job with a team or the league so that this crap doesn't happen any more.

Female Flyer fans got off easy this round. Check out these Red Wings and Sabres t-shirts...aren't they - like - so fabulous?

Merchandising guys, take note: We just want team jerseys, in the team colors, that are cut for the female fan.

*Hockey school: Hockey Ladies of Greatness blog, contributed to by blogging female fans from almost all of the NHL teams.

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