Aug 28, 2007

Forecast: 2007-08 Flyer season

Face facts: we imploded last season. In fact, it was the worst one in franchise history.

So what? It's over.
Filed away.

Holmgren made some smart moves. The team's younger, more dynamic line-up is better suited to the current game.

Here are the coming attractions I can't wait to see:

Marty Biron: Goalie. Athletic and technically-sound. I'm looking forward to hearing Marty trash-talk opposing players from our crease and bench. He's quite the talker, but I think he's funny. Mic him up!
Kimmo Timmonen: Defenseman. In this NHL, defensemen must be mobile, able to handle the puck, and make the big hits. Kimmo is one of your men.

Jason Smith: Defenseman. Tough. He was the Oilers captain. Right-hand shot, which is kind of rare.

Daniel Briere: Center. Speedy little bugger. Sucking up a lot of our cap. He was the All-Star Game MVP with one goal and four assists. And he gave the Dodge Nitro to his sister.

Joffrey Lupul: Right wing. Admits he didn't have a good season with the Oilers. He's committed to working his tail off. Friendly faces like Jason Smith and Scottie Upshall should help him settle in. I like his honesty.

Scott Hartnell: Left wing. Gritty. Will appreciate the consistency of having Kimmo, Scottie Upshall and Ryan Parent here. Need I say more?

No one can say what will become of good trades, and it's up to Coach Stevens to sort it all out. But the talent is there and many of them have played together before. I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of it.

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