Sep 1, 2007

Let me count the ways: I love goalies

September has arrived. Yeah. Hockey news is s l o w. The puck doesn't drop for real until October.

What's a goalie-obsessed fan to do? Thank God for YouTube and lead you to the goalie videos that keep my little heart content!

Here you will find what I call "Exhibit A." These guys are the best. After all, would you have the cojones to face down the likes of Al MacInnis (100+ mph), Al Iafrate (105.2), Shawn Haines (106.0 and no cracks about him not being in the NHL) or Chad Kilger (106.6)?

Hope you enjoy some oldies and the current stuff.

NHL Goalies - "Lunatic Fringe": Because the song's title says it all.
NHL Goalies 2006-07- "Y'all ready for this?"
Finnish NHL Goalies 2006-07 season: I know some HLOGgers that like their Finns.
NHL goalies - "Right Now"

I love these crazy buggers!

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