Sep 6, 2007

Exhibit B: Why I love goalies

Goalies aren't just the crazy men wearing pillows that stand in the crease and let people shoot frozen, galvanized rubber biscuits at them that travel somewhere near 100 mph...

...they take shots and score goals, too! In fact, Flyer Ron Hextall was the first to do it.* here are some clips to review and enjoy.

Ron Hextall - take 1 - first goal by a goalie

Ron Hextall - take 2 - first playoff goal by a goalie

Martin Brodeur - first goalie to score a game winner

Evgeni Nabokov - first goalie to score a power play goal

*Hockey school: Billy Smith, Mika Noronen, Damian Rhodes and Chris Mason are all credited with scoring a goal, even though they didn't shoot the puck. In each case, they were the last player to touch the puck before it entered the goal.

Freebie: I couldn't find Mika Noronen's goal, but I did find him cleaning windows, er, the glass.

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