Sep 11, 2007

Leaving no hot dog un-turned: AYCE hockey?

Kristin at eager to go psycho detailed some of the issues related to potential ring-around-the-rosie games awaiting (unfortunate) ticket holders that will surround the former goalie judge seats.

Feeling left out because you can't afford that? Don't worry, Comcast-Spectacor at the Wachovia Center is taking care of you.

A limited number of "All-You-Can-Eat" tickets will be sold for the Flyers' 41 home games. That's right, for an extra $20 - 40, depending on where you normally sit in the cheap seats, fans will be making unlimited trips to two concession stands for up to four of the following each time:
  • hot dogs
  • soft drinks
  • popcorn
  • nachos with cheese and salsa

Staff say they're "always looking for new ways to enhance our fans overall experience when they attend an event" and that ayce was a suggestion they received.

While I'm in favor of not having to bleed $$ every time I need or want to eat something at a sporting event, be warned - I will cross-check you if you (a) make me get out of your way too many times or (b) you spill anything on me.

Well, you know, unless you bring me back a soft drink, hot dog and nachos with cheese until I cry uncle.


kristin said...

1. Ohmygod there is finally another Flyers blog written by a girl!

2. "i will cross-check you if you make me (a) get out of your way too many times or (b) spill anything on me"...I hear ya on this one...this has potential to be a real nightmare!

3. I think it is funny that the Wachovia Center is taking advantage of the fact that we Philadelphians like to eat!

4. You must join HLOG

5. You must let me do a profile of you for my blog! Contact me at the email address in my profile!!

flyers.femme said...

re: #3

yeah. i'm pissed they aren't throwing in cheesesteaks, pretzels and beer...three fan foods for which philly is famous. (and how's that for alliteration?)

re: #1,4 & 5

see the email i sent you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome from a South Florida Flyer Fan. Visit my blog when you have a chance, it is mainly about the Flyers, but I have some food comments thrown in there. I have listed some of my favorite place to eat in Philly. I also included some places in South Florida.

flyers.femme said...

Enjoying the Heat,

My favorite S. Florida spot is Jaguar Cafe in Coconut Grove.