Sep 14, 2007

Off-topic: Squees from other teams

I am a fangirl, not a puck bunny. However, I'm human, a woman, and I do notice some of the exceptionally fine guys out on the ice.

Upon request, here are my current squee-worthy favs from other teams, in no particular order.

Andy Sutton (NYI): Any guy who makes a hatcher brother look small is fine in my book. I have no idea why I'm impressed by this big hunk of hockey player, but he was up for consideration as Margee's hockey boyfriend this year.

Jochen Hecht (BUF): I really like his smile. Plus, he's from Germany...the land from which my families all hail.

Henrik Lundqvist (NYR): You have to admire a guy a few years younger than I am who has the cojones to tangle with Carol Alt, who is quite a number of years older than I am.

Maxime Talbot (PIT): He is too funny. I place a high priority on a sense of humor. I could stand for him to welcome me home with a half-hour round of laughs most days.

Either Koivu brother: Saku is one of those players you just have to respect, and that alone makes him squee-worthy. Mikko shows flashes of those same soft hands, he just needs to get comfortable in his own skin and the NHL.

Godzilla (WAS): Another one I can't explain. It is what it is.

Next squee report: Classic squees.

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