Sep 22, 2007

Flyer Hockey School: Kate Smith

I promised myself that i would do a post about Kate Smith for good luck. In spite of the bad grammar and run-on sentences, here's a good write-up from (Please forgive me for inserting paragraph breaks and correcting the punctuation!)

"An interesting chapter was added to the Kate Smith-God Bless America story in the twilight of her 50-year career. Officials noted that when the national anthem was played at the opening of philadelphia Flyers' hockey games, the fans were not properly respectful, while they listened more quietly to Kate's record of God Bless America. Furthermore, a statistician noted that they won most games when the latter was played."

"Fans were given a surprise on October 11, 1973, at the season opener, when Kate Smith walked across the red carpet ont he ice to sing her anthem in person. They beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 2-0. Announcer Gene Hart commented that Kate "brought chills and a standing ovation of three minutes. It fully met the ultimate definition of the word 'triumph.'"

"At critical games, Kate was driven down from New York to repeat the favor. When the Flyers clinched the championship and won the Stanley Cup by defeating the Boston Bruins 1-0, even the Bruins skated over to shake Kate's hand. She was called their talisman and good luck charm; she loved the free publicity! She repeated the role the next season, and the Flyers defeated the Buffalo Sabres to retain the Stanley Cup."

"In 1987, they erected a bronze statue in memory of their 'rabbit's foot' or 'secret ice weapon,' who had died the previous year."

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