Sep 22, 2007

My prayers have been answered (sort of)

I.can' It's not pink. It's in real team colors.

My parents are the greatest ever. They fully support me in my little foibles and major obsessions. Mom mentioned maybe getting me something Flyer-ish for a present. (I smell Christmas!)

Mom: Although this is promising, don't buy it for me just yet. Because...

NHL merchandisers: I knew you weren't totally lacking in functional brain cells. But...screen printed?

C'mon, give me a real sweater! Quit flirting with separating me from my hard-earned $$. I'm begging you to let me!

But in return, I want the real thing.

I mean, a girl's gotta have standards, right?

1 comment:

Shmee said...

I cant believe the NHL actually acknowledged non-puck bunny female fans.