Sep 21, 2007

Welcome back: Sami K

Dear Sami,'re.back!

I was so ticked to hear that the Department of Homeland Security was keeping you from us, thinking that part of your family tried to illegally enter the country after your Toronto vacation. Obviously those people were either (a) not hockey fans or (b) Rangers, Devils, Sabres or Pens fans.

As you saw, things are not going well with the pre-season games...again. We, the fans, need you to lead the team with your work ethic, physical conditioning, and five years as a Flyer. We also want to see how you fit in with the possible new lines.

My opinion is that we needed you back before anything started going right. You're so plain-spoken and up-front about what works and doesn't work. (I really appreciate it since I'm the same way at my job.)

On another topic, about which I've already written to coach, but now I'm going to appeal to you as well:

Please, please, please (!) help Niitty. Maybe he just needs to be told in Finnish, but his game sucked last season and I don't see any improvement from over the summer. (Even though Marty is clearly our #1 goalie and I've always had my doubts about a post-injury Niitty, I still want to see him succeed.)

By the way hon, I'm really hoping they offer you the captaincy. I know you will give it your all to keep everyone on board.

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flyers.femme said...

remember, i said it here first. sami, we needed you and congrats on tonight's goal!