Sep 19, 2007

Niittymäki: 1:12

Dear Coach Stevens,

I've lived with a goalie (my younger brother). I've seen the hard work it takes to learn and play that part of the game.

I love goalies...I truly believe they are the most important part of the team. I love philadelphia flyers goalies best. (I can't wait to see Biron in action on October 13.)

But...p l e a s Niittymäki with his game! His objective is to keep the puck from entering the goal. That's not what I see happening with him this pre-season.

I'd say send Niitty to the phantoms for remedial goalie school...because sitting him down won't fix this. But on the other hand, we need a back-up goalie on the bench in the big show.

I understand that against the Devils there were two separate two-man advantage power plays contributing to the situation. But what were the extenuating circumstances for last night?

I'm sorry...but Niitty's playing soft and it has to stop! He needs to lock that thing down, and he can do it.

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kristin said...

Hahahah, I just posted a letter to Nitty and now I check over here and you are posting to Stevens about Nitty! Too funny! Your analysis is better then mine...I just told Nitty to stop sucking!