Sep 17, 2007

Off-topic: Classic squees

Continuing the request, here are my classic squee-worthy players. Pay attention, there's only five of them.

Pavel Bure: But only when he played for Vancouver.

Alexander Mogilny: Lethal wrist shot. Loads of speed. A selfless streak. First European player to lead the NHL in goals scored. (You'll always be Alexander The Great to me!)

Luc Robitaille: This really doesn't require any explanation, does it? The only guy to dethrone Gretz as his team's leading scorer. One of the greatest left-wings in league history.

Brendan Shanahan: C'mon, by now you know that a sense of humor is important to me. And, boy, does Shanny have one!

Steve Yzerman: Stevie, you were and always will be a true hero to me!


Anonymous said...

I added your blog to my list.

Is the Jaguar Rest. on Grand Ave.?

What type of food do they serve?

Anonymous said...

I may well have to steal your squee concept. Of course, seeing as how I'm attempting to cover upwards of 5 teams right now, I don't know where Id get the time :-)

flyers.femme said...

teka, i borrowed the concept from margee over at SportSquee. however, kristin interviewed me for her blog and specifically asked about squees.

let me know if i can help you out with any of that over-coverage!

flyers.femme said...

enjoying the heat:
yes, that's the restaurant. web site is -

jaguar offers pan-latin food, meaning cuisine from throughout latin america.

since i've lived in ecuador and traveled throughout the region extensively with a previous job, i get my fix of anything i ate and enjoyed overseas.