Sep 24, 2007

Second city: Chicago

Flyers, don't worry - you're still my team.

But the Blackhawks are #2 in my book. I want them to do well, so that if I ever move back to Chicagoland, I'll have another good reason to make the trek to games. (Because with season tickets starting at $450, I could totally afford that!)

So, Terry Frei, I join you in the broad hope for a Chicago turn-around.

(World-wide hockey fans: Just say no to Bill Wirtz.)


Shmee said...

bill wirtz=satan

Nadine said...

exactly! i could maybe, possibly, on a truly generous day, consider not completely disliking him if this was a case of not knowing how to own a sports team (charles wang?). however, he's second generation bad management.

any chance you'll be traveling to philly for tomorrow's game with the caps? kristin and i will be there.