Oct 20, 2007

10/20 'Canes v. Flyers

See you in section 210A tonight! Watch for a recap tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: Post-game review - I ponied up the cash for the cheapest ticket available for the game. I had to be present for this particular match-up since it would be a big test for the team.

Message for Kristin: I'm so glad we could meet-up before the game this time. Plus, I had fun watching the Phantoms' sweater auction, too. We definitely need to pitch the neutral away game idea to the Sisters Ookie. "Dustbunny" is in their IPB glossary.


Ah, Margaritaville.

My fellow HLOGer Kristin over at Eager to Go Psycho and I met at the AT&T Pavilion for a drink, then meandered down to her right-behind-the-goal seats to watch warm-ups, chat a little, and make plans for hockey-world domination.

General topics ranged from the guy I saw when I came in that was rocking an old-school Whalers sweater - kudos! - to the fact that neither of us is a hater. (Specific topics related to the strategic planning are not up for public discussion with non-HLOGers...sorry, but we're keeping that under lock and key in a Pepto pink, Girls-Only ClubHouse.)

Of course, one of these times - probably the night I'll be joining her there for a whole game - we'll be shooting the breeze and Marty or Sami will skate up and say, "You ladies do realize we can hear you, right?"

First Period

As warm-ups end, Kristin and I head for our separate seats in the highest rows of the various 200s. I am blown-away by the hustle the guys show in the first period. Have they been reading all of the Flyers fans' blogs during down-time? It seems like it. Just as I am once again muttering about Briere and Gagne needing to just get an ugly but real goal, Gagne scores. Finally.

Of course, Kukkonen earns one of the infamous hooking penalties right aftwards, the 'Canes go on the power play, and freakin' Eric Staal scores on Marty. Okay, so no shut-out tonight. I can live with that.

Second Period

It looked like what I expected in the first period. I don't know what else to say about it. 'Canes (former Flyer) Justin Williams scores towards the end of the second.

Third Period

If I were the type to bite my nails when I am nervous, I would have been doing that during the third. Instead, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, watching and waiting, and being conned by several "almosts."

However, Richie scored about 1:30 into the period. Thank God. Mass signs of joy!

The Wachovia Center got louder as the period wound down. When the 'Canes called a time-out, the fans got even louder. Of course, the guys in the booth put on some really good tunes and showed more footage of Shawn dancing at the top of the stands. (I l o v e d the guy with the "Insert Here -->" sign.)

Even though it was still tied, our hope was bolstered. Hey, we can do overtime! We could even win it.


And we did. 48 seconds in.

Hatch, you came coasting in and fired on Grahame. I am so proud of you for that. He stopped you, but couldn't hang on to the puck and Gagne shoved it in. (You looked downright fast in OT! I want more of that.)

Post-game: Phantoms game sweater auction

Kristin and I headed over to the Spectrum for the Phantoms' game sweater auction. It was highly entertaining. Highest cost sweaters: Boucher and Munroe. (Everybody loves a goalie!)

Some of Kristin's die-hard Phantoms friends know a few of the guys on the team. It was fun to see their interaction during the auction. (I loved the Matsumoto story!)


kristin said...

I will be in 202...I will see you there! I am going to try and get there early and get my drink on.

kristin said...

Sorry for the late reply here...Sunday was a rough day...I had to miss work because of my damn ankle!

I had a great time and can't wait til the boys are home again. In the meantime, we'll work on that neutral ground roadtrip!

I saw Nitty at practice today and they were really putting him through the paces...can his first start be far off?