Oct 19, 2007

Dear Antero Niittymäki

Now that is some SERIOUS stretching!


We haven't forgotten you. We all know you're waiting for your turn between the pipes. Yeah, we're sticking with Marty right now, 'cause he's hot. (You know how that goes!)

But I feel like some people may not know very much about you. So, here are my favorite things about Niitty.
  1. You have kick @$$ black kickers!
  2. For the week ending Nov. 16, 2003 (when you played with the Phantoms), you had a 0.41 GAA and .984 SP.
  3. On Apr. 11, 2004 (still playing for the Phantoms), you scored a game-winning, empty net, overtime, short-handed, unassisted goal.
  4. You stepped in as the goalie for the Finnish national team at the 2006 Winter Olympics as a relatively unknown player.
  5. You were named the tournement MVP for the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  6. You played with a torn labrum during the whole 2006-07 season. (The hip injury was sustained during training camp.)

By the way, that goal was the first overtime one scored by a goalie in North American professional hockey history.

Last season stunk for the whole organization. However, you had the summer to get better and shake it off. I'm looking forward to seeing you play one of these times and giving us the show we've seen before.

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kristin said...

I have not forgotten about Nitty, in fact he has been weighing heavily on my mind, since it is only a matter of time until Marty needs a break.

I say maybe start him for the Montreal game. He had a win against them last year, and Nitty is such a head case that he needs to be put in a "safe" situation like that. But I don't know if Stevens will wait that long, and he will probably have to start in TB. Ugh.