Oct 16, 2007

Because I knew he could!

Martin Biron, with Gaston on the helmet, gets a shut-out! (Jack Cassidy)

Dear Thrashers and Their Fans,

If there's one team in the nhL that understands where you are right now, it's the friendly people in Philadelphia. We hope you get your first win soon. Selfishly though, we're happy it didn't happen tonight.

Good luck!

6 Fun Facts and 1 Blatant Bit of Speculation as a Result of Tonight's Game:

(1) Marty got a shut-out! [Thought and written in a really sing-songy voice.]

(2) Jeff Carter's streak grows to four goals in four games.

(3) Lead hockey-husband-to-be candidate Sami Kapanen scored for the second game in a row.

(4) This is the second game in a row where Carter scores a goal followed by Sami within a very short time.

(5) Mike Richards continues to wrack up points.

(6) Randy Jones proves that he can be an offensive defenseman by scoring the final goal.

(7) Perhaps we shall continue to lead the Atlantic Division, hmm?


Ryan said...

Nice post Nadine....what a game, eh?

kristin said...


Are you trying to kill me?

Anonymous said...

Solid all around win, good to see the boys not look past a winless team. Randy Jones for MVP!

kristin said...

Okay, I have decided that last season really scarred me. Badly. I feel like I can't even enjoy watching a game because at any moment we could start losing and start sucking.

I had to go to work tonight for the third period, and I was wearing my jersey, and the other Flyers fans there were like "we're up 3-0" and I was like "SHUTUP!!! DON'T TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT WE'RE WINNING."

I may need some therapy...

Nadine said...

Kristin, you may be a sports jinx. I am a sports jinx for every sport BUT hockey. I can say it with fewer repercussions, and I wasn't stating a fact.

(Hence "6 facts and 1 bit of blatant speculation.")

Sherry said...

Marty got a shutout! I knew he could do it :)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does anyone else mix up "biron" and "brodeur" on a regular basis?

Nadine said...

Teka: Not, you're not the only one. Consider this:

1. Their names start "Martin B...".
2. Both go by "Marty."
3. They're both French Canadian goalies.
4. Both can be hysterically funny.
5. The Martys are on teams that are geographically close to each other.

Imagine how hard it will be for me tonight at the game! (Unless Brodeur doesn't start, because Biron will.)