Oct 17, 2007

LMAO: Interchangable Parts road trip

I encourage all of you to get hooked on the -Ookies' road trip chapters over at Interchangable Parts.
Schnookie and Pookie: Keep 'em coming! Thanks for the stress relief at work.


kristin said...

Yes, they are making me jealous!

And they seem to be at the craziest games...first that wild BUF game, now this crazy game in Pittsburgh!!

PS...I like the new layout....

Nadine said...

I can't wait to meet them! I've offered to roll out the HLOGger welcome mat if they come to town for a Flyers v. Devils game here.

Re: Layout - I need CHANGE!! Actually, I wanted something that gives me more characters per line (for when I write those monster posts).

Small possibility I maybe be able to go to a "training event" with you in the next few weeks. More details to follow.

Interchangeable Parts said...

Hey Nadine! We're so glad you're enjoying the travelogue! We need an HLOG bus, where we can all go to a bunch of games together. We should definitely start coordinating schedules to see if we can catch a game together.

Anonymous said...

I agree! We need a sorta central game..... would it be Philly or would it be the Caps?

(I'm happy to donate my floor space if anyone wants to see the Bears, but y'know)

Maybe for the around-Christmas breakish time we should all pony up and rent an RV to go galavanting around the east coast.