Oct 18, 2007

10/18 Devils v. Flyers

Commentary about the stupid zebras (a.k.a "referees")

It's clear they were imported. My best guess is that they're from Trenton, Newark and Atlantic City. (They were obviously bribed.)

Boarding? For real? That's still a penalty? Who knew.

Commentary for the Devils

Asham: You s***! (Hatch, how're the knees, old man? I'm just glad you didn't face-plant right into the ice and boards. Way to keep your head up!)

Diablos in general: This is hockey, not soccer/futbol. You don't score by kicking the puck in the net...use your stick.

Brodeur: Looks like your usual "I have to suffer to the next record" play is in force. Sorry!

Commentary for the Flyers

  • Richie: You are just on f i r e right now.
  • Sami: A goal in each of the last three games. You are so s l i c k !
  • Dowd: Way to score on your twice-former team. First goal as a Flyer. Congrats!
  • Lupul: Number two as a Flyer. Keep watching for those opportunities.
  • Jonesy: You looked like such a gentleman when you shove guys away from Marty. It must be those hound-dog eyes! (I forgive you for the Extra spot.)
  • Marty: Dude, you rock! You really like 4-0 shut-outs, huh?
  • The Flyers goalies tribute video shown during the third period tonight was so much fun.


  • Gagne & Briere: I love that you share the puck and assist others in scoring goals. However, quit trying for picture-perfect goals of your own. Just score one at home already, no matter how ugly it may be.
  • Marty is great, but he can't do it all. Clear the puck from your zone and follow it into the one where you score goals. That goes for when you'e at even-strength, penalty killing and on power plays.
  • Skate to the puck! Take it to the other end! Shoot it! Go up the middle if you have to!
  • Jeff Carter's scoring streak ended tonight. (I'm sure you'll be back in there soon, Jeff!)

Update on sweater and hockey harem selection

And the sweater will read...Kapanen 24 (hockey husband)! If possible, I will purchase Biron (hockey boyfriend #1) and Jones (hockey boyfriend #2) T-shirts. I figure I need an offensive player, defensive one, and a goalie to cover all the bases.


kristin said...

Sami's goals have all been pretty sweet. His joyous celebrations are even better!

kristin said...

This post should be subtitled "our marty is better than your marty"

Nadine said...

I think Sami just really enjoys playing. He likes to run you down. He likes to take away the puck. He likes to skate really fast. He isn't afraid to check you. He will put his body on the line to stop a shot.

I'm not willing to claim either Marty is better than the other. Our Marty had the better night tonight. (Karma stinks if you so much as look at it funny.)

Adios until tomorrow, GRs! My alarm clock will be pissing me off soon enough, so I'll see you after work.