Oct 13, 2007

Who do you love?

The hardest thing to choose as a sports fan is whose going to be on your jersey.

Do you go old-school or current class?

Do you pick someone you like, even though you might jinx them, or pick someone who's no longer there so that you don't (a la Kristin's Leighton jersey)?

Do you pick your hockey husband or your hockey boyfriend? (Truly, you can really only understand this if you're a serious female fan and read SportSquee regularly. And puck bunnies don't count!)

My internal debate is raging. I hope attending tonight's home opener and Thursday's game against the Devils will provide some clarity.

In the mean time, feel free to leave your votes in the comments. Tell me who i should pick and why. Explain who i shouldn't pick and why.

I'm looking forward to reading any insight you might have, as I am sure it will help narrow my choice. (Even from you *gasp!* non-Flyer fans!)

P.S. after 10/13 game: Front-runners are Martin Biron and Sami Kapanen. Both were entirely too squee-worthy tonight. Marty shook off a hard one that bounced in off the butt end of his stick. Sami scored one of the sickest goals I've seen live.


Kirsten said...

I usually ignore the curse theory and go with my current favorite player. Wes Walz is still around, and I've had his sweater for a while. To confuse that, I'm hoping for a Brad Bombardir sweater, because even though he no longer plays for the Wild, he is one of my all-time favs. Whichever player you keep thinking, wow, it would be awesome to have his sweater, or whichever one you look at the most/try on/ask 40 people if you think it would be cool if you got blah-de-dahs sweater, that is the one you should choose. The player that makes you squee the hardest for whatever reason.

kristin said...

I so badly want a Smith sweater but will not buy one for two reasons:

1. it will jinx him. you can take that to the bank.

2. There are fifty million 21 sweaters already, and I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was wearing a Forsberg jersey. Gah!

Damn I want a Smith jersey soooooooo bad!!!!!

kristin said...

Oh and as far as your husband goes, I would say Sami. Marty is too popular a choice, and it's better to go with someone under the radar...

kristin said...

And does this mean that Smith is my hockey husband? I don't know if I can handle that yet...

kristin said...

Well now I really just want to drive up the comment count on this post.

Nadine said...

Kirsten: Thanks for the feedback!

Kristin: By all means, drive the count up!

And to answer some of your comments:

Yes, I think Smitty is your hockey husband. You squee entirely too hard about him for anyone else to have a chance. (Hey, when you're predication is right, you're right.)

I know you're a sports jinx, so make him your next sweater choice. (Or maybe get a T-shirt instead. Have it read "Gator." You can always wear Leighton over him.)

I agree, Sami is the rarer choice, but I haven't seen a single Biron sweater at a game or around town.

Perhaps I shall take my own advice, and purchase a Kapanen and a Biron T-shirt.

Oh, the agony! What we fans don't do for our guys.

Related rant: Why must everyone have a Gagne or Briere sweater? Why are they the only two available pre-made in kiddie sizes? (Because that's what I'll be buying.)

There need to be way more Smith sweaters, since he's the captain. And how weird is it that he has Foppa's former number and is the new captain?

Nadine said...

Grr! Not predication (wtf?). I meant to type "prediction."

Anonymous said...

I have to say, i went with the husband, and at SOME point in the next few weeks my last-season Army jersey should be here.

I'm debating bidding on the Jay Beagle game worn hershey jersey opening night... as he's currently fighting Mayotte for #1 hockey boyfriend. Mayotte, depending on where he winds up, may even move into #2 hockey status.

And crazy uncle will always go to Bryz.

kristin said...

Yeah, you just made a typo so you could correct it and further drive up the comment count.

And I think you are right about Smith...dang, I don't want a hockey husband!!

kristin said...

Teka, Mayotte can be your hockey boyfriend!

Nadine said...

So how about a game sweater for Sami, starring as hockey husband, and a T-shirt for Biron, as hockey boyfriend?

(Have you seen the harem that Margee details? Whew!)

Teka: Congrats! I know how much you love Army and his hits. Oooh, two hockey boyfriends. [In one of those cheesy voice over voices: Who will win her affections and part her from her hard-earned cash in exchange for fan gear?]

I promise, it's like a soap opera sometimes.

Kristin: I wouldn't be too worried about it. Gator is reliable. Plenty of HLOGgers have lectured me - friendly - on how lucky we are to have him.

Kirsten said...

Jason Smith is totally worthy of being a hockey husband.

There is nothing wrong with having a harem...