Oct 12, 2007

Boulerice gets 25

Color me totally not shocked. I completely agree with this suspension as well.

While on the surface I seem to be breaking from other Flyers fans, you shouldn't be surprised. I myself have been the recipient of two traumatic facial injuries. Another family member bears the leftovers of a basal skull fracture from being hit in the head.

This is serious stuff people, so I have an excessively low tolerance level for professional athletes that do it on purpose. (And, yes, both instances were on purpose.)

What is shocking is Jesse Boulerice's lack of control and of support for his team. When you play competitive sports, you play as a unit - always!

To paraphrase Deirdre Martin, hockey players are like warriors. They have a code of honor within the team. You break it, you pay for it. The price is bringing shame and dishonor on your brothers, which can result in being shunned by your teammates because you've proved that you really don't have their backs after all.

Unlike some of the irrational, old school, reliving the 1970s B.S.B. fans, I don't believe the NHL has it in for the Flyers and is punishing us any harder. I think we have two players on our team that gave them two really good opportunities in a two week span.

Coach, time to dig out those training materials and review them with everyone again. Captain, time to make the landscape abundantly clear.

P.S. to Colin Campbell: Don't forget to check out the tape of Tootoo and Weller. You have another suspension-worthy situation there. just think, two for the price of one!

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