Oct 11, 2007

Yeah! & Grr!

Good: We beat the Canucks. Final score was 8-2. (Looks more like a Cleveland Indians score!)

Also good: It feels like fall...in fall. Temps in the 90s in October is not nice. It's also not hockey weather. So, yeah mother nature!

Bad. Very, very, very BAD: Jesse. Come on! Wwhat was that all about? Are you completely oblivious to the suspension already visiting our team? Do the guys in communications really need more work?

I don't think so.

Like another individual, you let your small brain do the thinking, and it left a small child in charge. Grow up. And I really, sincerely hope coach and the other guys let you have it the whole ride home from BC. (And, yes, you deserve the suspension that you expect to be coming your way.)

[Climbing up from my rant-pit...the acoustics are much better than standing on a soapbox]

Only one full day remains between me and my...our...the regular season home opener. Stop by 224 and say hi.

If you plan to be at the Devils game on the 18th, I'll be checking out the view from 206.


Kirsten said...

Are you a Cleveland Indians fan?

Nadine said...

alas, yes. i spent most of my growing up years in the clevland area.

that's part of why i could sympathize with your pain related to the north stars, because one of my teams was stolen, too!

Kirsten said...

Stolen teams suck!

Since I am a very loyal Twins fan, this might create a bit of tension during baseball sesaon, though. The Tribe spent a lot of time beating the crap out of the Twins this past season...

Nadine said...

there'll be no tension...i follow my teams whether they win or lose, no matter who they play.

and if your twins are better any given game than my indians, well, that's how it was supposed to be that day and there's always the next game!

on the matter of stolen teams:

when my browns were stolen, i lived in maryland at the time. so what happens? art lifts the team to baltimore, fast-forward a few years, and the ravens win the superbowl.

all my friends are "aren't you happy the ravens won?"

my answer: "no. you stole my team. with the way you gripe to this day about the colts being stolen in the middle of the night by indianapolis, i'd have thought you'd have said no to art."

Nadine said...
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Kirsten said...

That's a good attitude to have. Steph is a Tigers fan, so she and I like to chirp back and forth about the rivalry.

I understand. It's like when the Stars won the Cup in Dallas. I wasn't the least bit happy for them. Especially considering how they won it. My friends knew better than to ask if I was happy about it, mostly because we were all in the same pissed off boat together.