Oct 31, 2007

Welcome back: Me!

After a short business trip, I am back home. Watch for more posts starting tomorrow!

(Oh, I so need a job that combines my passion for hockey, affords me truly enviable seats, and provides a better paycheck. Hey, Flyers, want someone to head-up a female fans division?)


Anonymous said...

Dude, hire me as your secretary.

Nadine said...

If it would happen, you know it! By the way, I love the new header on your blog...who made that lovely thing?

HabsFan29 said...

Hello to the enemy!

Come give your game comments over on the dark side:


HabsFan29 said...

oh on btw, we apologize for any objectification of women going on on our site. all in good fun.

Anonymous said...

That's all me :-) It's actually from a picture I took at the home opener, I am just that cool. Regretfully, all the ones that actually showed my boy Beagle were ridiculously blurry, but if you squint, he's the one with only half his leg in the light and you can barely make out his number, so he's still there in spirit at least.

Anonymous said...

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