Nov 1, 2007

Flyers PR joins the revolution

Hockey Blogging...Finally

So, forgive me, but wtf? Here's a quote from the Flyers' web site:

On the Fly!
Philadelphia Flyers PR Blog

In the latest endeavor to make THE place for all breaking news, updates, and information on the Orange and Black, the club’s public relations department will be keeping a blog right here on the Philadelphia Flyers official team website. We will update this blog with information that may not necessarily make headlines, but is important, interesting or newsworthy nonetheless.

All of the information contained on this page is considered official team news and/or public information.

Maybe I'm just really presumptuous and totally off my rocker, but doesn't that almost sound like at least a few of the independent Flyers' bloggers like me that aren't related to the organization in any official capacity were doing a better job than the PR team?

Yeah, sheer craziness on my part.

On a semi-related note, here's a mini-rant on blogging directed at the Flyers. I'll be quite honest: I have serious envy of CapsChick and Shmee. The Caps have the most blogger-friendly attitude in hockey. Grr!

Fun Flyer Photos

Check out the photo gallery from the meet and greet at Lucky Strike Lanes on the team's site.

  • Ben Eager: I love your hat.
  • Mike Knuble: I love that you stuck with Orange and Black for yours (the O's).
  • Randy and Joffrey: Way to rock those curls!
  • Jack Cassidy: Thanks for getting me a shot of each of my boys...I deeply appreciate it!
Note to Kristin

We need to catch up for practice. Let me know when you can go and we'll work something out.

Briere Reprieve

I'm not a Briere fan. I don't passionately dislike him, but I don't actively like him either. However, with the Flyers playing the Habs tonight, I'm give TinyBriere a reprieve. He's going to be annoyed enough by their fans and all of the boos we'll be hearing throughout the game. I hope he scores a goal just to shut them up...but a hat trick would be better.

[Additional material from this point on]

Flyers v. Canadiens

Pros: Richie is still on fire. Marty is still b****ing in goal (in spite of the loss). Scottie had a goal in his first game back. Love it!

Cons: No Hatch, Jonesy, or Gagne. Gator got hurt. Some little pissant hit Sami, then the Habs were surprised when the rest of the team didn't act like last year's Flyers. (Uh, hello? It's this season guys.) We didn't love the second like we normally do. Stupid NHL schedule-makers.


kristin said...

Yeah, a blog on the Flyers site by Flyers PR people. Sounds great! Real cutting edge, guys! If it is along the lines of the roadtrip blog from the first part of the season, that's cool, but still...don't act like it's all underground.

Thanks for posting the link to the bowling thing...I hadn't seen those! Eager's hat is great!

As for practice, they have one on Sunday...if I am not under the weather I may try and make it! Let me know if you are available....

Nadine said...

If you're not under the weather, tell me when to be ready!

Mike said...

Eager's hat is alright, but Knuble wearing a non-Phillies baseball cap is totally unacceptable. He should be punished appropriately in practice;

Nadine said...

Aw, c'mon Mike. Where you deduct point for a non-Philly team, I give them away for staying true to orange and black,

Besides, it's not like the O's are going to be playing the Phils any time soon...pesky Division divisions. ;)