Oct 8, 2007

Whistle while you work

Note to the Flyers: Guys, really, you're having too much fun at work lately!

(In a former life, I was a counselor at a camp with a high- and low-ropes course like this one. It can be a lot of fun, with the right kind of group. I was completely envious when I saw the photos, sitting in my Center City office while it was almost 90 outside.)

Marty: You slay me!

From the road trip blog: "As expected, the defensemen and goalies were really effective and really pulled through and got our heads together. But, we really did some crazy things. If there was a way where we could have as much fun to get the task done, we did."

From video 2, Marty to Hatch: "We're safe. Let's leave now." (Meanwhile, everyone else is on the other side of the "electric fence," including Coach Stevens, if I'm not mistaken.)

Bonus: Tape of the four Finnish guys, with Sami, Kimmo and Lasse ordering Niitty around in Finnish!

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kristin said...

I was going to post about this as well, but since you came up with a clever title, I'm giving up!

Looks like the guys are having fun! So nice to see them in a non-hockey setting!

It's funny to hear Hatch reading instructions to the group!

And Briere is so tiny!

And the suspense was killing me waiting to see how Sami would make it over the rope! Damn...almost flipped right out of their hands!

Is it sad that I watched the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I miss the rain, and the rain gear, and the evergreen trees and the hiking boots and the challenge courses and the dorky people.

I wanna go home!!!

Nadine said...

Kristin: You're being a good fan! I don't think it's sad that you watched it all. (I will be watching the rest tonight.) This is our chance to learn more about the new players' personalities!

Teka: I feel your pain.

Nadine said...

P.S. to Kristin: Completely different theme, but I contacted Margee about a Flyers Squee-view. I sent her Biron, Timonen, Smith, Gagne (not my pick, but many seem to think he's squee-worthy), and all 4 Finns as a collective entry.

kristin said...

I am glad you sent her something Nadine. We actually do have a pretty squeeworthy team and the world needs to know!

I used to agree with you on Gagne, but he was right.in.front.of.me at that preseason Devils game, and he took his helmet off for a sec and I was like, yikes! Hello! Squee!

Kirsten said...

Gagne CAN be squeeworthy when he wants to be...
Finnish is a fun language. Thanks to it being the land where my grandpa was born and raised, I learned to speak it as a kid.

Nadine said...

kirsten, no fair! i wanna learn, but not so many people of finnish ancestry that still speak the old language in philly.

see, my pick for captain was sami kapanen...i think it would be cool if he lost his temper and started complaining to the ref in finnish. sami could say whatever he wanted, and the ref wouldn't understand a word of it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, i am also ridiculously amused by Firing Squad Tiny!Briere in that second video.

And is he wearing freakin' MITTENS?

Anonymous said...

Also, I perfected the "swan dive through hole" technique, so I have faith a bunch of hockey boys could have figured it out.

(we had a challenge course at my first undergrad school)

Nadine said...

*blatant eye-roll* yeah. a canadian hockey player in mittens. when it's raining.

yikes! sorry to let my tiny!briere hate out of the gate, but...yeah.

and aren't ropes and challenges courses the best! (of course, as i said, this is totally dependent on who's in the group.)

Kirsten said...

Totally depends on the people in the group. I've done this with teams and had a blast, and done it where we all couldn't wait to be done.

Yeah, I can imagine that's true. Living in the Midwest, there are many more people around who speak Scandinavian languages/Finnish. I'd laugh if that happened. The ref would probably put him in the box for saying something he couldnt' understand...

Let the Briere hate free, it's ok.