Nov 9, 2007

"A" #1: Mike Richards

Flyers' Mike Richards (Getty Images)

First, a qualifier: Gator make a great captain. He was a good choice for the "C."

Mike Richards may wear an "A" on his jersey, but he's leading the team. Check out these statbits:
  • With the assist on Knuble's goal last night, Richie has the same number of points as that guy Briere.
  • However, more of those points come from goals rather than assists (9 G, 7 A).
  • There have only been four games during the regular season where Richie hasn't earned a point.
Not bad for a guy who suffered an abdominal strain that required surgery last season, huh?

Scary statbit: With Richie only being 22, it makes you wonder what he's got up his sleeve for this season.

[Mike, I've seen that sly smile a few times in the interviews and when I was at practice last week. You gotta let me in on the secret!]

What interests me most: How much longer until Richie buries Briere?

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