Nov 8, 2007

11/08 Flyers vs. Diablos

Dear Guys,

Do it again! Start on fire and keep running all game long.

Love yas,

Pre-game: MIA

Nope, I don't mean Miami International Airport this time.
  • Gagne is out with a return of dizziness. (Jay Bouwmeester's hit or Gary Roberts' last night?)
  • My Sami is out with a mild knee-sprain.
Stefan Ruzicka was called back up from the Phantoms. Guess this means the musical chairs line-shuffling will continue.

Marty's starting this game, too. Please let everyone be on fire again tonight so that he can relax as much as possible tonight.

Tonight's semi-live blogging will work like last night''s driven by the refresh button. I am once again observing all superstitions for away games.

First Period

Guys, c'mon. You want to PP not PK. Knuble got one. Yeah, we score first!

So, um, NO! Someone tell the Diablos WE are the team that scores back-to-back goals. All right, buckle down and make 'em pay on the scoreboard. I'm talking to you Lups, Carts and anybody else on the ice.

Will somebody please inform Upshall that you cannot do that, but particularly if you wear a Flyers sweater?

I am not even going to dignify that with a response. Can we fast-forward to the second now?

Second Period

Put the head case in! (Marty I still love ya, but jeez!) God, be there for Niittymäki.

Pookie at IPB assures me that the Devils never, ever score when the opposing team's starting goalie is pulled. I'm not putting my eggs in that basket.

Hey, we don't need to beat up on the Devils - just let Patty do it.

I miss Sami. We need his speed, his grit.

I see all the "I"s coming back out on the ice. Boys, roadtrips like this stink. It's true, but please suck it up and be a team.

Role Reversal

Normal circumstances:
  • Philly would be on fire in the second.
  • NJ would look like they're dead in the second.

Apparently neither team got that memo today.

Unfortunately, that concludes the semi-live blogging tonight. The dentist will be torturing me first thing in the morning. Must get my beauty sleep!


kristin said...

Remember when I said I wasn't a hater? I forgot that I hate the Devils.

And Gator is gonna kick Clarkson's ass.

Nadine said...

I would like to Mama-slap Upshall right now. I hope Stevens is tearing him a new one.

And don't even get me started on everyone but Marty and Richie right now. Grr!