Nov 7, 2007

11/07 Flyers v. Some black birds

Somewhat live blogging

Dear guys,

It'd be nice to think you read what I posted last night, but I won't be holding my breath. It was sincere advice, but you'll play how you want and need no hurt feelings if you decide I don't know what the flip I'm talking about.


First Period

So, I am patiently obeying my superstitions for away games. (And I'm flinching as I tell you that!)

(1) I read HLOG and the Flyers web site today.
(2) I am not listening to the radio.
(3) I am wearing my v-necked, three-quarter sleeve black sweater with my orange cami underneath.

Apparently it's working tonight because we already have goal. Thanks Lups! Whoa! I hit the refresh button, and there's another one. Carts, you're back!

Like I've said before, I love it that we seem to score in pairs, but I'm greedy and I want more. Getting out to this kind of start is good. But, don't - in the name of all that is holy - give them many PPs tonight.

Darn, the birds got on the board! Well, based on what I'm reading, the guys sound a little more lively tonight. Now, boys, no slacking off in the second. Give Marty a break, but make Sabo work for his paycheck.

Second Period

Right, so all I'm seeing is that Umberger and Orpik had a go at each other. Waiting...

Richie scored! He's so fantastic...*sigh* I may have to put him in my harem. I am cautiously impressed at the end of the period. I can't wait to see what happens in the third, as long as it's good!

Third Period

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Uh, dudes, just say no to penalties, okay? It gives the birds a PP and you have to PK. Please stop it.

Guys, you completely rock! Marty, great job at the end of the third. Randy, way to jump back in there. Woo-hoo!

Summary: Teka, bring it on! See you and your Army sweater at the WC on Saturday for Round 2. Good night, GRs!

Final score: Flyers 3, Black birds 1.


kristin said...

cautiously impressed

My new favorite term, and truly a good way to describe the entire game. The first period especially was uncharacteristically good. The guys actually played hockey...and had puck possession! And scoring chances!! It was weird!

Mike said...

That was a nice win tonight.
Seven for seven on the PK!
Only outshot 27-20!

I was glad to see Sabo in net over Fleury. Fleury has been terrible this year, but he always seems to beat the Flyers.