Nov 6, 2007

Tell me what you need...

Planning for the Pitt

Guys, a few things to try for tomorrow night against the not-so-cute Penguins of Pittsburgh:

  1. Love the first period. Get out there and change the normal play. Skate with speed and purpose. Don't let them stay in our zone for very long. Crash their net as many times as you can. Your single purpose for the night should be to make them suffer on the scoreboard.
  2. Own that place. Make it your home, act like they're your fans, and believe the birds are the visitors.
  3. Cindy, who? Malkin, what? Stall, huh? Shut them, and everyone else, down. (If "home" is not to your liking, think lock down time.)

I will be interested to see how the continued line-juggling works out. For more on that topic, read this.

Planning for Home (as in, "mine")

Right, so here's what I need:

  • Hockey-related: For the next three days at work to blow by much faster than today and yesterday. Yikes! Come on, Saturday.
  • Not-so-hockey-related: Free housekeeping for my hosting-the-fam holiday prep...'cause I'm just to lazy/tired to do it all myself. (I miss my big-little brothers and the heavy lifting they always did for me.)

And in a tangent that is sooooo hopelessly off-topic:

I really, passionately, intensely dislike the Macy's Christmas commercial. Donald, Martha and Jessica...ugh! I feel stupider every time I see it. Can it already!


Anonymous said...

What? The Pens are playing someone on Saturday? I thought they were just going to hand them a win and keep them from having to do that pesky cross-state trek :-)

I'll see you there, taking my life in my hands in the new jersey!

Nadine said...

Hey, take your smack somewhere else! ;)

We sucked it up and traveled across state...I'm sure your guys can do it, too.

I'm sure Kristin will protect you from the dangerous Flyers fans. (I can't wait to see the reaction to your Army jersey. Yikes!)