Nov 13, 2007

11/12 Islanders v. Flyers

Pre-Game Summary: See "Severe case of Whineritis" and substitute Islanders for Penguins.

Ladies and Gents, this one's going to be short. I love the Section 120, Row 9 seat (thanks, Kristin!). But as I did not have my normal print-out ticket on which to take notes, I...uh...didn't take notes. I solemnly promise to take a note pad with me on Saturday to the Devils game.

Kristin and I met up in the AT&T Pavilion at our usual spot. (I was the one running late this time! Stupid BSL.) We headed down to our usual spot for viewing warm-ups and settled in for our usual chat.

Nice intern "Sam" interrupts us - in a good way - by asking if we'd like to participate in a survey. Well, duh! Sure. We were asked about everything from Lauren Hart (the lady who sings the anthem), to the intermission entertainment (I love the mites' games), to the ice girls (resounding dislike on my part).

Then came the mother of all questions:

Do you have any suggestions for the Comcast Spectacor group?

Why, yes, boys we do!

  1. Ladies' night. (You'll need to read the post and the comments.)
  2. WiFi access so that bloggers can post from the game.

Final score: Flyers 3, Islanders 2

Our goals were scored by Scottie Upshall, Scottie Upshall, and Mike Richards.

Points Update: Richie now has 20 points (10 G, 10 A), giving him a slight lead over Briere's 19.

Sweater Update: All the tracking tells me is that it's shipped from or been scanned while in Louisville, KY. Thanks USPS for the fine details!

Injuries Update: Gagne - Not really improved. Hatcher - Seemingly on schedule. Kapanen - Uh, Flyers' communications guys, where's that update? I'm going through major Sami withdrawl out here. Communicate already!

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kristin said...

Sort of unrelated note...

I watched the replay when I got home last night. Bill Clement was filling in for Jonesy. Wow. He has such a unique perspective on the team and the was good to hear him (even though I still love Jonesy!)

And yes, you can say "I told you so..."