Nov 15, 2007

OMG: Kill Me Now

So, the free promotional item for the November 26 game against the Bruins is...a Briere bobblehead. I'm almost tempted to skip that game just so I can avoid it. The other half of me wants to go and "Just Say No."

Pre-Game Summary

First, I'm home tonight. Kristin is holding down the Flyers' HLOGer presence on her own tonight.

Our last match-up with the Ranjuhs was described with one succinct word: Blech! As a result, I really don't quite know what to write for tonight's "Dear Guys" letter. Let's try this:

Dear Guys,

Please don't give them a lot of Power Plays. Yeah, our PK is nice, but let's not push our luck.

And Richie, don't let Avery tweak you. Let Gator take a bite out of him. Or Jonesy. Heck, Coburn can laugh in his face. Kimmo and Kukkie could just coast him into the boards and stick him there. You just need to keep playing your game, not his assinine one. You're way better than that.

Good luck to every one of you!

Love yas,

First Period

Dude, Jim Dowd beat King Henry at 4:01! Assists were by Cote and Tolpenko. Even if it was ugly, Dowd slid one past him.

Riley, c'mon. Are you ever going to let your perma-black eyes heal? I worry about you.

Darn! The Blue Shirts managed to put one on the board.

On-topic [hockey-wise], but off-topic [Flyers-wise]: The Phantoms are 13-2-1!

Second Period

Stupid Ranjuhs. Another goal...grr.

Score!! Right, so it was a Briere goal, but Richie assisted. (Go Richie!)

Guess what? The boys in the Communications department finally put information about Sami Kapanen back up on the IR. But, he's only missed three games? It feels like more. (Dear Sami, please get well soon. We could really use you back in the line-up.)

Sweater Update: Still no further tracking information. I really wanted to have it for Saturday! Well, maybe tomorrow.

Third Period

Evil Chris Drury.

Yeah Denis Tolpenko! Congrats on your first NHL goal. (Thank you to Gator and Kukkie for the assists.)

OT: We've only done this one other time this year. It was at home. Last time we won it in 48 seconds. That was then, this is now. Now, we don't win in OT and the guys are working hard to give everyone heart failure.

SO: This is what drives me nuts...shoot-outs. We have to contend with Lundqvist keeping things out of the net, and Shanny and Jagr wanting to put them in ours.

Final Score: Flyers 3, Evil Rangers 4 (SO)


Anonymous said...

If you get one, send it here. I'll break its' neck and cover it in red nail polish... before lying it on its side on top of the TV right next to the Army bobblehead.

Bobblehead agitation, what?

Nadine said...

Everybody needs an outlet.

kristin said...

I decided to hold it down at home. Stupid work ran late, so it was just me on my couch.

And damn, Kooky was amazing in this game (as usual).

Ryan said...

Sure you didn't mean Denis Tolplinko?

kristin said...

Well sure, Tolplinko was good too, and it was great to see him go nuts when he scored, but since I am usually watching the D, I was amazed by Kooky.

(I am by no means well rounded in my viewing habits....)