Nov 24, 2007

11/24 Flyers vs. Sens


Dear Guys,

I love yas! That was fantastic. Everybody was in there, swinging away. I am just ecstatic!
  • Eager, who lit a fire under you?
  • Niitty, hon, I wish I could be on the ice to give you a little helmet-to-helmet tap.
  • Kapi, really, there's a reason you're my HH and on my sweater!
  • Richie! Woo-hoo!
  • Briere, I even enjoyed watching you tonight.
  • Hartsie, niiiiiice one. (And the assist was really pretty, too!)
  • R.J., the only bad thing I can say about you is that you don't wear your mouth guard correctly (and you really should).
  • Jonesy and Kimmo, I love your pairing and nominate yas for Co-Presidents of Defense.
  • Kukkie, you are such a sweetie, in a totally "I will crush your dreams of scoring" way.
  • Braydon, thank you for diving into the goal (in the good way).

One question I'm dying to have answered: Gator, did you shave right before the game? That's the least stubbly I've seen you all season.

So, Gentle Readers, you'll pardon me for the gushing tone, but hey, we just beat the freakin' Sens! At Scotia Bank Place!

(BTW, I'm sure my neighbors really love me now, since all the screaming and jumping up and down for joy was to them.)

Oh, how I love this game!

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kristin said...

Did you like how Gator was clean shaven at the start of the game and totally scruffy by the end?

Love it!